Chief Communications Officer & PIO

As OIT's Chief Communications Officer, Tauna Lockhart is responsible for managing internal and external communications. She is passionate about accuracy, clarity and consistency in her work, and in the case of this bio, brevity. As OIT's Public Information Officer, Tauna is the first point of contact for any media inquiries. Additionally, Tauna leads OIT's marketing efforts and works to highlight OIT's projects, goals and shared objectives to key audiences.  She works diligently with her team to hone crisp, concise and clear messaging for distribution to OIT's employees, agency customers, state leaders and Coloradans.

Tauna has more than twenty years of experience in media relations, public communications, broadcast media, and video production. She worked for several years in television newsroom management and production, primarily at Denver's K*USA-TV, an NBC affiliate owned by Gannett. Tauna then went on to run her own video production company.  


Tauna has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College. She enjoys traveling, horseback riding, and spending time with her children.