Colorado Benefits Management System


The Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) is Colorado’s statewide database system through which eligibility is determined for medical, food, cash and other assistance programs. In concert with the Program Eligibility & Application Kit (PEAK), where Coloradans screen and apply for assistance online, more than two million individual cases have been worked through CBMS, signifying the vast impact of the system in the state of Colorado.


Each month, the system helps provide Coloradans with more than $60 million monthly in benefits and allows approximately 4,800 end users from the Department of Human Services, Department of Health Care Policy & Financing, county departments of human services, Connect for Health Colorado, medical assistance sites, and presumptive eligibility sites to enter or view data.

CBMS was originally developed by Electronic Data Systems and is now developed and managed by the state of Colorado in conjunction with Deloitte.