Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Help for Coloradans

DENVER, Colo.—National Cybersecurity Awareness Month creates awareness about hackers and their techniques and lets people know how they can protect themselves. The Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has recently updated its website with more information to educate the public about cybersecurity threats.

Last year’s “Year of the Data Breach”  with corporate giants Sony Pictures, eBay, Jimmy John’s and Home Depot hacked, among others  proved to us that no enterprise, regardless of the size of security investment, is immune to attack. Attackers’ weapons are changing daily, technology keeps changing, and businesses are in a constant state of evolution — requiring rapid response and preventative tools to detect and thwart the increasingly sophisticated level of cyber attacks.

On average, there are more than 1.5 million victims of cybercrime across the globe every day, and most of them could have avoided the attack if they were more educated on cybersecurity. Here in Colorado, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology defends against approximately 8.4 million cybersecurity events each day. We believe it is imperative that our residents are armed with the tools they need to protect themselves.

Events in October include:

  • Cybersecurity tips, facts, Q&As, and video blogs by experts with the hashtag #CoCyberHelp and posted on
  • Community outreach at several area schools over the next several months. School presentations will help “tweeners” and teens understand how their social media, computer and smartphone use can impact their security and their privacy.
  • For State of Colorado employees: Mandatory cybersecurity training kicks off in October. 
We have security experts available for interviews on the following subjects:
  • Detection of and avoiding phishing scams: The latest phishing scams are often spread through invitations to “shared” documents. These invitations require you to input username and password and thereby give the attackers crucial information to access your personal data. They are insidiously spread through users’ contacts and often change their email content and headline to avoid detection. We’ll tell you what the red flags are and how to protect yourself if you fall victim to these attacks.
  • Keeping your home computer safe: Use a firewall, scan for viruses, scan for spyware, and stay up-to-date. Computer updates often take care of known vulnerabilities in your computer, but you need to educate yourself (use strong passwords, know what scams to watch out for, stay abreast of latest tech news) by securing your home network and mobile connection and backing up your most important information.
  • Using social media safely: Know what settings keep you the safest, what posts can put you at risk, and what to consider if you have children (picture posts, location settings, etc.).
  • Ways to keep your kids safe online: Step into their cyber world, know what their computer habits are, set house rules, and teach them to protect their privacy. Make sure your family computer is in shared space so you know what is going on. Communication is key to knowing when they are encountering dangers.
  • How to stay ahead of scams while traveling: Back up files, update security software and clear your browser history before you leave for your trip, plus learn what to do while on the road, and what to check for when you get home. 
Please contact us if you would like to schedule an interview or if you would like to cover one of our educational presentations to students across the metro area. You can find more resources for cybersecurity tips at

To learn more about the State of Colorado’s award-winning, multi‐year security strategy, read about Secure Colorado.

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