State of Colorado pursues higher standard for 
school broadband connectivity
State and school district leaders set sights on newer FCC goal of 1 Mbps/student

DENVER, Colo.— Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018 — Colorado Broadband Office Executive Director Anthony Neal-Graves today announced that the Kids Link Colorado initiative is continuing its efforts to bring affordable high-speed internet access to every classroom. Now, state and school district leaders are taking action toward a new goal of 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) per student in every school.

While 63 school districts in Colorado have already reached this connectivity level, work remains to ensure all students have equitable access to a world of digital learning opportunities. Since 2016, the Office of the Governor and the Colorado Broadband Office within the state’s Office of Information Technology have made great progress in closing the digital divide due to the partnership with the national nonprofit EducationSuperHighway. According to new data released from EducationSuperHighway in its “2018 State of the States” report, 98 percent of Colorado schools are now meeting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) minimum bandwidth goal of 100 kilobits per second (kbps) per student, up 4 percent from last year. 

“Access to high-speed broadband is critical for academic success,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “Any gap in connectivity for any of our students is too much. We look forward to this partnership closing the narrow gaps that remain and seeing all Colorado schools meet the school bandwidth standard of 1 Mbps per student.”

Colorado has also made tremendous strides in making broadband more affordable across the state. The median price for internet access has decreased by 58 percent over the past three years, down to $2.95 per Mbps, which is lower than the national median cost of $3.26.

The progress to close the school broadband gap in Colorado is promising, but 15 schools still need a fiber-optic or scalable broadband connection to meet growing demands for education technology usage. School districts that are not currently on a fiber connection are encouraged to leverage EducationSuperHighway's technical and procurement support. To learn more, visit

“We commend Gov. Hickenlooper and the Colorado Broadband Office for working toward closing the digital divide in Colorado classrooms,” said Evan Marwell, Founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway. "The reality is that 100 kbps of Internet access is no longer sufficient for many of today's classrooms. I am pleased that the State of Colorado has demonstrated continued commitment to providing the connectivity that lets educators leverage technology in every classroom, every day."


About State of the States Report

EducationSuperHighway’s State of the States report tracks progress toward the K-12 connectivity goals established by the Federal Communications Commission and provides state leaders with the information needed to finish the job of connecting America’s students to high-speed broadband. The report, published annually, is based on publicly available E-rate data.

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The Colorado Broadband Office within the Governor’s Office of Information Technology was created to lead a statewide effort to expand broadband coverage and capacity for all Coloradans. Access to affordable and reliable broadband service is critical to advancing Colorado’s economic growth and competitiveness. High-speed broadband service helps create new jobs and attract new industries, expands markets for new and existing businesses, enables Coloradans to better access educational opportunities and resources, facilitates the delivery of health care services, and helps protect the public’s safety. Greater deployment of broadband services and infrastructure will improve long-term quality of life for many Coloradans and will ensure our state continues to compete on the global stage.

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The Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for the operation and delivery of information and communications technology services and innovation across the Executive Branch agencies in the State of Colorado. OIT drives innovative technology solutions, provides quality service, and supports the agencies whose missions are so critical to serving Coloradans. We do this by overseeing technology initiatives at the state level, recommending strategies and maximizing efficiencies of service delivery in a cost-effective manner through the application of enterprise technology solutions. Our enterprise approach also enables the agile delivery of new applications to state agencies that improve citizen access to government services while increasing accountability and transparency.

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Media Contact: Brandi Simmons, Chief Communications Officer & PIO