FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 12, 2017

Success in First Year of Kids Link Colorado:
Better Broadband & Cost Savings for Rural School Districts

DENVER, Colo.— One year after the launch of Kids Link Colorado, rural school districts are seeing huge improvement in their broadband coverage and major cost savings.

Kids Link Colorado is a partnership between the Office of the Governor, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, and EducationSuperHighway, the nation’s leading nonprofit focused on upgrading internet access in every public school classroom in America. The program was launched in September 2016.

With help from Kids Link Colorado this past year, the Julesburg school district increased its broadband bandwidth 200 percent, bringing its students high-speed internet while decreasing the district’s monthly bill by $1,400.

“What a difference faster internet speeds have on the entire school district,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “Everyone benefits! Students have an easier time doing research and homework. Teachers can bring fresh and new lessons into the classroom. All of this while the district saves money. It’s great to see schools in parts of rural Colorado match the internet bandwidth of some of our larger cities.”

Kids Link Colorado has enabled school districts to leverage their buying power and ensure they are getting the maximum broadband capability for the least amount of money. So far 39 districts in Colorado have been able to take advantage of Kids Link Colorado’s efforts and the hope is that even more rural districts will be helped in 2018.

While more than 1,300 schools across Colorado currently have fiber infrastructure, 46 schools remain to be connected, with most of those in rural and small town communities. Fortunately, school districts and charter schools can now apply for state match funding through the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant to help cover some of the costs of special construction projects.

“We are thrilled to be working with state and school district leaders across Colorado to continue to build on the great progress being made to close the school connectivity gap,” said Evan Marwell, Founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway. “We commend the Governor’s commitment to ensuring that every student in Colorado has the high-speed connectivity necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that technology has to offer."

According to EducationSuperHighway, the United States continues to make extraordinary progress in narrowing the K-12 digital divide. Overall, 39.2 million students, 2.6 million teachers, and 73.9 thousand schools are now achieving the minimum connectivity goal that gives students equal access to digital learning opportunities. However, 6.5 million students are on the other side of the digital divide without access to high-speed internet. This gap is particularly wide in the 1,587 rural K-12 schools that don’t yet have the infrastructure necessary to revolutionize the way teachers teach and students learn.

Please view this video ( highlighting Kids Link Colorado’s successes from the past year. For an interview with the Executive Director of the Colorado Broadband Office, Tony Neal-Graves, regarding Kids Link Colorado, please contact Tauna Lockhart at


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