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OIT Tech Roadmap FY12 Playbook Initiative

The Compass: Enterprise Architecture 2011-2014
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Enabling Technology Solutions Efficiently, Effectively, and Elegantly

The definition of a compass usually makes reference to direction, often using a magnetic needle pointing toward the north or south pole.  However, synonyms related to the word compass as defined by Webster offer a different meaning of the word:  accomplish, achieve, execute.   The Office of Enterprise Architecture and the Chief Technology Officer is tasked with providing both:  direction to the enterprise as it relates to technology, as well as setting a path to execution.  The driving forces behind the goals we will accomplish over the next few years are the Colorado Blueprint and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology FY12 Playbook.  Each of these sets forth the overall direction and accomplishments for Colorado, with the latter setting the overall direction for the Governor’s Office of Information Technology.

The Playbook sets priorities around Customer Service, People, Innovation, Service Excellence, Trusted Partnerships and Information Security. Technology plays a key role in each of them, from delivering the right services to the right people to ensuring their information is secured, yet available.

Technology innovation is taking place at lightning speed, giving businesses and government advantages to decrease time to market by leveraging solutions such as cloud technologies.  The incredible adoption rate of mobile technologies gives the government more opportunities to connect remotely with citizens and offer our workforce better accessibility to applications and data—anytime, anywhere.

The Enterprise Architecture compass will set the direction for future technical solutions that will ensure that the public services available to the citizens of Colorado are met efficiently, effectively and elegantly.
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