Program Details

Colorado's IT Economic Development Value Proposition

Through private and public partnership, Colorado will be recognized as a nucleus for innovation, technology and economic growth, the "Silicon Mountain of the IT Community."

Technology Key Industry Network

The Office of Information Technology (OIT), in partnership with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and the Colorado Technology Association (CTA), has assembled and launched a technology key industry working group with representation from industry, academia, government, nonprofit associations, and others to develop strategy and an implementation plan for driving job growth in the technology industry in Colorado. This group will address the major policy and implementation challenges and opportunities facing technology as an industry in Colorado, with a special focus on the six core objectives from the Colorado Blueprint. This is the second of several key industry working groups that are being kicked off by OEDIT. The first meetings of the Technology Key Industry Steering Committee and the Tactical Team were held the week of February 6, 2012.

IT Economic Development Advisory Council

The IT Economic Development Advisory Council (ITEDAC) is comprised of nine (9) senior IT leaders from across the state of Colorado who act as trusted advisors and provide direction and feedback on proposed economic development strategies, IT ideas and initiatives, and brainstorm job creation solutions. This Council was formed in May 2011, prior to the development and launch of the state's key industry strategy. With the launch of the state's key industry strategy, ITEDAC will act as the bridge between the Steering Committee and the Tactical Teams. Members of ITEDAC will act as executive sponsors for the tactical teams and will provide direction and guidance for implementation.

Measurable Outcomes defined and tracked by ITEDAC:

  • Attract 2 new technology companies to Colorado each year.
  • Grow IT jobs in Colorado by 500+ new jobs each calendar year.

Colorado Broadband Knights of the Roundtable

Like electricity a century ago, broadband is a foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life. There is currently a significant amount of broadband activity in progress across the state of Colorado, including infrastructure builds, adoption/utilization programs, data collection and mapping. The Colorado Broadband Knights of the Roundtable is a forum for the collaboration and coordination of these activities across the state whose main purpose is to share information, strategies, experiences and results with regard to broadband related activities and identify areas for collaboration as well as assess next steps for Colorado Broadband strategy.

Vision Statement: All Coloradans have access to abundant, redundant and affordable broadband service.

Mission Statement: To support and expand an environment that enables the development of a cost effective, sustainable, high-speed, scalable broadband network, and promote digital literacy awareness that fosters personal, business, educational and public development.

  • Leverage funding opportunites and plan for sustainability
  • Engage local communities
  • Coordinate and collaborate on state broadband initiatives/activities
  • Evaluate/support critical broadband policy
  • Promote broadband adoption and education activities