Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: The Office of Information Technology Service Desk is only for Colorado state agencies and county partners. If you have questions on who OIT serves, please contact us at 303.764.7700 or
What are the Service Desk hours of operation?
The Service Desk is available Monday though Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST, excluding state holidays.

How do I contact the Service Desk?
There are three ways to contact the OIT Service Desk:
How long will my Service Desk request take?
The length of time to complete a service request differences depending on both the scope of the project/task and the service level agreement between OIT and the agency. We suggest checking in with the technician working on the particular service request to get an accurate estimate of length of time needed.

The customer may contact the technician assigned to their case, or are always welcome to contact Service Desk staff. Additionally, they may access their case ticket via the Customer Service Portal, and communicate with the assigned technician from within the ticket.

What is most helpful to have ready when I submit a ticket/request to Service Desk?
  • Be prepared to spell your email address and/or username.
  • If possible, be at the computer and know the computer name when you call.
  • Know which operating system you're using—Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  • Know what application (Google Email, Microsoft Excel, etc.) and version you are currently working in.
  • Be specific about the problem. Briefly describe what you were doing, up to the point where you ran into the issue.
  • Let the Service Desk know if additional customers are also experiencing the same problem.
  • Write down or take screenshots of any error messages and provide them to the Service Desk.
  • If you have to call back on the same problem, tell the Service Desk that you have called before and give the agent your CA Service Desk ticket number. It helps us to know what has already been done to try to solve your problem.
I need to contact service on an existing ticket/problem/issue
How do I check on the status of a Service Desk ticket?
How do I update a Service Desk ticket/request?
If you have to call back on the same request, tell the Service Desk that you have called before and give the technician your CA Service Desk ticket number. It helps us to know what has already been done to try to solve your problem.

To check on the status of a request or ask questions on an existing request, feel free to contact Service Desk using any of the following options:
If you are able to retrieve it, please have your ticket number ready and/or include it in your correspondence so that the Service Desk team can pull it up easily.

How do I login to the customer/service desk portal?
I forgot my Customer Service Portal password
I am a state employee, but I never received a password for the Customer Service Portal customer/service desk portal

To login to the portal, retrieve your password, or to receive a password for the first time, follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to
  2. On that main page, click on the "Click Here for Forgotten Password" link under the "Login" button
  3. You land on a short form; type in your state of Colorado email address AND your last name as it is in the state of Colorado directory
  4. Click "Search"
  5. You land on another form that prompts you for a code sent to you email. Check your state of Colorado email inbox for the code; it should come from "Forgotten Password"
  6. Copy and paste the code from the email to the box in the form on the page
  7. Click "Check Code"
  8. You land on a page to set up a new password (or pick one for the first time). Once you have entered in your desired password twice click "Change Password"
  9. You reach a final landing page that says "Your password has been changed successfully"
  10. Return to and login with your state of Colorado email address and the password you successfully setup/changed.
I have a procurement question.

I have a vendor management question.
Visit the Financial Services FAQ»

I have a central finance question.
Visit the Financial Services FAQ»

What is Common Policy?
Common Policy is the methodology used to allocate IT costs to departments. OIT is funded through reappropriated funds and recovers a majority of its costs from an IT common policy line item that is allocated to departments. “Reappropriated funds” means that as OIT’s customers, departments are appropriated funding in their annual budgets and then pay OIT for service provided. 

Common Policy based services have their customers, costs, and usage estimated at the start of a fiscal year. The actual usage and amount of money due are then recalculated at the end of the fiscal year.

Common Policy based services include, but are not limited to: email; data storage; IT security; Public Safety Communications; Deskside Support; Service Desk; project management; and back office leadership.

Most of OIT’s services and functions are covered via Common Policy but some services are outside of Common Policy. 

Non-Common Policy Services include, but are not limited to: Voice services; short term legislative mandates; new change requests and initiatives; extra project management; ad hoc technical needs.