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Fiscal Year 2020-21

Fiscal Year 2019-20

Budget Submission

OIT Change Requests
Decision Items
 NP-01 OIT Taxation GenTax Support Enhancements
 NP-02 Local Administration Transformation NP-03 DeCORuM Operating (DOC R-6)
 NP-03 OIT DeCORuM Maintenance & Support
 NP-04 OIT Colorado Trails
• NP-05 OIT Transform Customer Experience
• NP-06 OIT Annual Fleet Vehicle Request
NP-07 OIT UIM Operating
 NP-08 OIT Medicaid Enterprise Operations
 NP-09 OIT Crisis Services
 R-01 OIT Essential Database Support
• R-02 OIT Securing IT Operations
• R-03 OIT Operations and Administration Center Relocation
• R-04 OIT Application Refresh and Consolidation
• R-05 OIT Optimize Self-Service Capabilities
• R-06 OIT Enterprise Data Integration Services
 R-07 OIT Agency IT Staff Technical Adjustment
• R-09 OIT Lottery IT Staff Consolidation
Capital Requests
 CC-01 Data Center Strategic IT Infrastructure Needs Yr 2 FY 19-20 Full
 CC-02 PSCN Microwave Infrastructure Replacement Yr 5 - FY 19-20 Full 
Agency IT Capital Requests
 CDHS Interoperability Project
 CDLE COSTIS System Replacement Project 
 CDPS CCIB System Replacement Project 
DPA CARS System Replacement Project
Funding Requests
 FY19 OIT Sept 1331 CBMS-PEAK 
Common Policy 

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