Contracts Governance and Compliance

The Contracts Governance and Compliance Team will focus on post-signature contract performance and compliance monitoring, and post-signature contractor issue resolution. This team will also be responsible for contractor governance and oversight. 

  • Performs the administration of OIT’s contracts, associated statements of work, service level agreements, legal terms incorporated into OIT’s purchase orders, and other legal documents which have been sourced and awarded by OIT’s Purchasing Team and the purchasing departments of Executive Branch Agencies;
  • Assists in the interpretation of the terms and conditions included in OIT’s purchase orders, contracts for OIT, IT contracts and purchase orders for Executive Branch Agencies, and other legal agreements; 
  • Advises other CFO teams and coordinates activities for dispute claims related to contracts, purchase orders, payment, and other vendor issues;
  • Evaluates the performance of vendors throughout the life cycle of contracts and purchase orders for OIT;
  • Provides training to internal stakeholders and vendors on invoice submittal; 
  • Creates strategic partnerships with key process stakeholders such as Business Owners, IT technical teams, Purchasing, Accounting, Service Finance, IT Project Management, other State personnel, and vendors for the administration of contracts and purchase orders; 
  • Assists the Purchasing and Contract Development teams when requested by reviewing OIT’s contracts, OIT purchase orders that involve additional legal terms (e.g., software license terms), IT and IT-related contracts for Executive Branch Agencies, interagency agreements with OIT, intergovernmental agreements with OIT, nondisclosure agreements, and memorandums of understanding; and
  • Assists the Chief Financial Office by identifying the need for, coordinating on drafts, and modifications of statutes, bills, rules, policies and procedures related to IT contracts.

Contract Management System (CMS)
OIT uses the statewide Contract Management System (CMS) to track contracts. For more information, please visit the Office of the State Controller's Contract Management System where you will also find training materials, forms and processes.