A Note from Colorado’s Secretary of Technology & CIO

Dear Customer,

As we begin a new fiscal year, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the work that all of you do serving the people of Colorado. I’d also like to renew my commitment to you that OIT is dedicated to providing you the technology solutions you need to deliver state government services. Included in this quarter’s newsletter is a link to our OIT FY17 Playbook which is our strategic plan for the fiscal year. I am sharing it with you to show how we are working as your partners in technology with a focus on cybersecurity and modernization of your IT systems and applications.


Suma Nallapati
Secretary of Technology & CIO

Getting More From Google Apps
Interactive Google App Learning

Google regularly gives us new features and functions in the suite of Google Apps available to state employees. Now, keeping up with everything new just got a lot easier. They’ve created an interactive training that walks you through the basic and advanced features within each app right inside Chrome.

Sound interesting? Go to TechU for instructions on how to add the extension and get started.

Shaping IT in the New Fiscal Year
FY17 Playbook Gives You A Snapshot of OIT's Work

OIT’s Playbook is our annual strategic roadmap that provides our customers, employees, and vendor partners with a guide for the future -- linking our core mission, vision and values to our strategies and goals. The playbook provides direction and explanation into who we are, where we hope to be, and how we are getting there as an organization and the IT leader for the state. We continue to mature how we set our direction, using our biannual customer survey to prioritize service needs, and incorporating strategic contributions from nearly 30 percent of our workforce. Please read our FY17 Playbook to learn more.

Get to Know Your OIT Service Desk
Help When You Need It Most

OIT’s Service Desk is your first point of contact when you need help with any issue related to your IT service including computer or desk phone issues, an application not functioning, or an issue with your Google account. The first step is to submit a ticket to the Service Desk. Our analysts strive to resolve your issues during the first contact. If they are not able to, your ticket is routed to an IT professional with the skills and knowledge to resolve your issue.

We have three ways for you to contact the Service Desk - by phone, email or through our Customer Service Portal. All of this information can be found agency by agency on our Who We Serve webpage (just click your agency’s logo) -- including a cheatsheet of shortcuts to get to your service analysts faster.

Tip: Print out or save the quick reference sheet to your desktop to save yourself time.

No More Storage Limits in Google
All the Space You Need!

You no longer need to worry about running out of storage space in your state Google account. Every state Google account (all 30,000+) now has unlimited storage space. You now have room to upload files of any type (e.g., PDF, video, pictures, MSO files, etc.). 

Google Operations Director Brandon Williams says, “You can literally copy and transfer an entire shared drive from the LAN (Local Area Network) to Google and not hit a limit.” With the exponential growth we’ve seen in Google Drive, unlimited storage provides the opportunity to reduce traditional systems and overhead.