A Note from Colorado’s Secretary of Technology & CIO

Dear Customer,

I am honored to start another year with all of you who serve the state of Colorado, and look forward to providing you and your agency with your IT infrastructure, application support, project management, and IT help. One of the ways we are striving to provide you with better service is by creating Five-Year Strategic IT Roadmaps for each agency to create a clearer picture of the IT landscape so we can more effectively partner in forecasting. Read the article below for more information.

Wishing you and your families a joyful and healthy new year!


Suma Nallapati
Secretary of Technology & CIO

IT Projects
How to Start an IT Project

All projects that help Coloradans engage more seamlessly with state government are important. That is why OIT has operationalized the process to be more intuitive and organized. Rather than throwing 100 balls in one hoop at the same time, we are more methodical so we can deliver your projects on time, on budget, and in scope with no surprises. 

If you are interested in starting an IT project, your first step is to submit the idea to your agency’s IT Steering Committee (ITSC) by contacting your agency’s IT Director.

Google Tips & Tricks
Inviting Non-Google Users to A Google Hangouts Video Conference

Google recently announced that anyone can now join a Google Hangout  -- even if they don’t have a Google account! This is huge news for state employees working with external partners. It opens up new opportunities for the State of Colorado to host and work with video calls, screen sharing, and real time collaboration between state employees and outside agencies or contacts who do not have Gmail. 

The change has been rolled out to Google Apps for Government and is available to employees. Learn how to use this new Hangout feature here

If your agency would benefit from in-person instruction for Google Hangouts meetings, please email kevin.ruby@state.co.us.

IT Security Bulletin
Take this Quarter’s Mandatory 30-Minute Training by March 31

All state employees are required to complete Cybersecurity Training on a quarterly basis. This training is designed to help protect state systems and sensitive information by educating state employees on how to identify and avoid IT security risks and threats. This quarter’s training must be completed by March 31, 2016. If you haven’t yet completed the first quarter training, you will be prompted to take those courses before you can access your second quarter courses. Login to the state security training portal here.

Note: Employees at the Department of Human Services (CDHS) are exempt from this training. They should continue to follow the specific training being delivered by the CDHS Privacy and Security Officer.

Want to learn more about how to protect yourself or kids online? Visit our Cybersecurity Help page for tips on mobile safety, technology while traveling, phishing and more!

Your Five-Year IT Roadmap 
Looking Ahead to Colorado’s Technology Future

Serving the residents of Colorado takes partnership, careful planning, and appropriate budgeting. That’s why OIT has created agency-specific Five-Year IT Roadmaps tailored to the individual needs of our agency customers. The roadmaps are intended to enable longer range visibility into IT requirements for state agencies. 

 Over the past few months, OIT staff collaborated with agency leadership to target business needs and identify the budget that will be needed to accomplish the IT component of each agency’s business goals. The roadmaps will be updated regularly to reflect changing business needs and technology environments. Please take a look at the Five-Year IT Roadmap Enterprise Summary as well as individual agency roadmaps in this single shared folder. We hope a clearer picture of the IT landscape will help you and your agency as you serve the residents of Colorado.